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Yousuke Ueda
Japanese 上田 陽介
Translation Ueda Yōsuke
Character information
Gender Male
Age 17
Status Deceased
School Tamaoka Prefectural High School
Background information
Chapter "Chapter 1"
Episode "Episode 5"
Japanese Yuuma Ichida
English Alejandro Saab
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Yousuke Ueda (上田 陽介, Ueda Yōsuke) was a character of the Ousama Game series. He was one of Nobuaki's former classmates at his old school.


Yousuke has black eyes and has very dark hair. He wears the standard male uniform for Tamaoka High School.


King's Game

Yousuke's death

Yousuke was introduced when he begins doing research and finds useful information about the King's game, including the fact that each classmate got a one-character text from the King before their death, and the fact that the game was played 32 years ago in a village. He had a nervous breakdown and start crying, he entrusted Kaori Maruoka and the information he had gathered to Nobuaki thereby calling him a hero,as punishment from breaking the King's order he died by Quartering.


  • He was Student #8 in the class roster for Nobuaki's old class.
  • It is known that Yousuke and Kana have the same surname, though they are unrelated.