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Nobuaki Kanazawa

Nobuaki Kanazawa (金沢信明, Kanazawa Nobuaki; ; ; ) is a male Japanese manga artist best known for his series Ōsama Game. His pen name is Pakkuncho (ぱ っ く ん ち ょ). Nobuaki Kanazawa was born in 1982 in Japan. Nobuaki is known for his horrific light novels and unique storylines.


Manga career

Nobuaki is famous novel for cellphone Osama Game, which has been adapted in film by Norio Tsuruta and in manga by Renda Hitori during 2011.

Manga works

  • 2016-2017: Weekly Shōnen Jump — Tomogui
  • 2010 - Present: Weekly Shōnen Jump — Ousama Game