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Nobuaki Kanazawa
Nobuaki anime.png
Japanese 一金沢信明
Translation Kanazawa Nobuaki
Character information
Other names Ōsama

(王様; ; Literally meaning "The King"; )
Nobu-babe (English Dub)

Gender Male
Age 16 (Manga)
17 (Anime)
Status Deceased
Relationships Chiemi Honda (Former Girlfriend)
School Tamaoka Prefectural High School (Formerly)
Kure Academy (Current)
Background information
Chapter "Chapter 1"
Episode "Episode 1"
Japanese Mamoru Miyano
English Coby Lewin
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Nobuaki Kanazawa is one of the main protagonists in the Ousama Game series. He is a student who transfers to Kure Academy following the first game.


Nobuaki has a plain appearance. He has brown eyes and brown, slightly spiky hair. He wears the standard uniform in Kure Academy in the anime. 

Nobuaki's reference sheet.


Nobuaki was a cheerful student with many friends before the first King's Game. Afterwards Nobuaki was so mentally damaged that he tried to transfer to a new school. While at this new school, Nobuaki has extreme difficulties making friends due to his aggressive nature and fear of losing any potential friends.


  • He was Student #12 in the class roster for his old class and Student #7 in the class roster for his new class.
  • It is known in the novel, that Nobuaki is the new King