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Natsuko Honda
Natsuko origin.png
Japanese 本多 奈津子
Translation Honda Natsuko
Character information
Other names Host of the First King's Game


Gender Female
Age 16
Status Deceased
Relationships Shigeki Honda (Uncle)
Yumiko Honda (Mother)
Kazunari Honda (Cousin/Former lover)
Background information
Chapter "Chapter 1"
Episode "Episode 4 (cameo)"
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Natsuko Honda (本多 奈津子, Honda Natsuko) is one of the main antagonists in Ousama Game. She was the witch that released the virus that started the first ever King's Game in Yonari Village.


Natsuko has a striking resemblance to Kazunari's daughter. She has lime green hair that is chest-length, and she has a red hairband on her hair. She has brown eyes and wears a pink buttoned shirt, with blue shorts.


Natsuko is shown to have a very caring and shy personality, it is shown that she is shy around other people but is normally herself around Kazunari.


Natsuko releasing the King.

Natsuko's forbidden love with her cousin made her infamous in the village, and as she shed tears and manufactured too much hatred, the virus that triggers the King's Game awakened and her village became the game's setting.