King's Game: Visit
Ousama Game Rinjou
japanese title 王様ゲーム 臨場
translation Ōsama Gēmu: Rinjō
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King's Game: Visit (王様ゲーム 臨場, Ōsama Gēmu: Rinjō) is the 4th volume of Ousama Game light novel series.


This story details the events surrounding the King's Game that Natsuko Honda played at her old school before transferring to Kure Academy as well as the reason why she became twisted. The story begins during the events of Extreme, but switches to before the first manga.



  • This light novel has 4 volumes.
  • It is the side story of King's Game: Extreme
  • In France, the title of the manga is King's Game: Spiral.