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The King
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Japanese 王様
Translation Ōsama
Character information
Gender Unknown
Status Alive
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Episode "Episode 10"
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The King (王様,Ōsama), also known as Ruby in the manga by the Japanese audience, is the main antagonist in the Ousama Game series.


The King has a green snakelike appearance and his face looks like someone wearing a mask.


The King is ruthless and merciless being that punishes anyone by death who refuses to obey his commands in his game. However, not much is known about the King, but according to Nobuaki as per some of the orders sent in King's Game: Visit, The King might actually be a pervert.


Natsuko releasing the King.

The King is a virus that originated in the remote Yonaki Village after being released by Natsuko 30 years ago when she locked herself in a shed over her mother forbidding her and Kazunari from contacting each other again, as they were in love, but were cousins. According to Ria, 32 years ago, the villagers of Yonaki Village were killed by an unknown powerful force through hypnotism. A researcher began investigating this force, believing that they could harness it's power for good and, although the effects could be horrible if the experiment went out of control, continued researching anyway.

Researchers find information about the King.

Ria explains that this researcher, a woman named Natsuko Honda, eventually gave birth to a child: Chiemi Honda. In order to ensure her child's safety, Natsuko attempted to erase her experiment, but by then, the virus had already mutated into an independent virus and Natsuko was killed in the process of trying to destroy it. Ria explains that other people began working on the King's Game, deciding to use Chiemi's class as a test site. Piecing together the single-character syllables collected over the course of the game, Ria reveals a message with the syllables reading: "You need to sacrifice 31 people's lives to revive Natsuko Honda". Ria explains that Natsuko's dream had always been to complete the ultimate weapon and that, for some reason, the virus believed that Natsuko could be revived. The syllables, according to Ria, are its weak point, a bug in the system. She also realizes that the true purpose of the King's Game was actually to determine a King that would rule the world with the "ultimate weapon", therefore, "reviving Natsuko Honda" actually meant finding a new King.


King's Game: Extreme arc

The King is known to never appear in any of the games, but as Nobuaki was running towards the shrine he appeared as Natsuko wearing a mask.


  • According to Ria, the King uses the power of Suggestion in order to kill all but one of its hosts. The surviving host will then spread the virus which will initiate a new King's Game that will begin again.
  • The last host that lives will be declared as the survivor and the winner of the Kings Game.
  • According in the manga, the King has a relationship with Nobuaki Kanazawa, since he already survived the first two games and has been chosen to be the new King.