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Kazunari Honda
Japanese 本多 一成
Translation Kazunari Honda
Character information
Gender Male
Age 16 (past)
48 (current)
Status Unknown
Relationships Unnamed Mother
Ume Honda (Grandmother)
Shigeki Honda (Father)
Yumiko Honda (Aunt)
Rie Takao (Wife)
Natsuko (Cousin/Former lover)
Chiemi Honda (Daughter)
Natsuko (Daughter)
Background information
Chapter "Chapter 1"
Episode "Episode 4 (cameo)"
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Kazunari Honda (本多 一成, Honda Kazunari) is one of the main protagonists in Ousama Game series. He is the husband of Rie Takao and the father of Chiemi and Natsuko Honda, he was a participant and the only survivor of the first King's Game. He was also the former lover of Natsuko.


When he was a teenager, he wore a black t-shirt that had a chicken logo on it that said EXP, he also wore grey shorts and has black hair with dark colored hair. Currently, he was seen wearing a white buttoned shirt with black trousers when sending Chiemi off to school.


Kazunari was shown be a nice, calm and kind person as stated by his cousin, even after all the hostility from the villagers he received about his love affair with Natsuko, he still remained nice and caring. He also had a tendency to be scared as pointed out by Yuuji, when the order was sent to touch a dead body, he was the one that freaked out the most. He was like Nobuaki in some ways, as he too tried to make everyone come together to end the King's Game. After the King's Game, he was shown to get provoked easily and one of the incidents of slapping one of his baby daughters across the face because it reminded him of his former lover. Later on, it was revealed that he had love and compassion for Chiemi and also felt regret about what he did to Natsuko, as he wished her happiness.




  • In the anime, there is a recently decaying corpse near a shrine to Natsuko, his former lover it is not 100% but it seems as though that was his corpse and he killed himself shortly after he learned of Chiemi's fate in her King's Game.