Kana Ueda
Japanese 上田 佳奈
Translation Ueda Kana
Character information
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Deceased
School Tamaoka Prefectural High School
Background information
Chapter "Chapter 1"
Episode "Episode 3"
Japanese Yui Makino
English Megan Emerick
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Kana Ueda (上田 佳奈, Ueda Kana ) was a minor character of the Ousama Game series. She was one of Nobuaki's former classmates at his old school.


Kana has wine colored eyes and short brown hair. She has an untidy appearance so as not wearing the tie, and also leaving her first button opened. She wears the standard female uniform for Tamaoka High School.


King's Game

Kana lost

Kana losing the election.

Kana was introduced when an order was sent that the class must hold a popularity vote for her and Naoya Hashimoto, unprepared to lose she started seducing boys in order to vote for her. When the votes were counted, it was known that Naoya won and out of frustration, she jumped out of the class window and killed herself. It was later known that her punishment was to confess to her crush but due to her no longer existing in the world, she was unable to complete the order.


  • She was Student #9 in the class roster for Nobuaki's old class.