Eternity (Forever/Dread)
Episode 7
japanese title 永厭
translation Eien

Production information

Storyboard Noriyoshi Sasaki; Kenji Konuta
Production Noriyoshi Sasaki; Kenji Konuta
Opening Feed the Fire
Ending Lost Paradise
Broadcast information
Japanese broadcast Nov 16, 2017
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Eternity (Forever/Dread) (永厭, Eien) is the seventh episode of the Ousama Game series that is originally written and illustrated by Nobuaki Kanazawa as a light novel. The episode premiered on Nov 16, 2017.


While exploring the village that has become a decrepit ghost town, a house with the name 'Honda' catches Nobuaki's eye, and he goes in while Kenta and Mizuki wait outside. He discovers a few notes from what appears to be Chiemi's father and a picture with both the name Chiemi and Natsuko. He deduces that Chiemi and Natsuko were sisters and their father is connected to the King's game, and from Natsuko's suspicious actions earlier, she may have also been a survivor of a King's game. Meanwhile, Mizuki experiences significant inner turmoil about whom to text DIE to, eventually deciding to text it to herself. She declares her love for Kenta, and that by sending those texts, they would both die (because of Kenta failing his order) and be together forever. Angry about Mizuki's lack of resolve to live, Kenta knocks her out and sends the texts to himself and Natsuko instead on her phone. Nobuaki finds them, and they realize the texts didn't work because they were not sent from Mizuki's original phone, so Mizuki and Kenta both end up dying. Then Nobuaki gets a call from Natsuko on his own stolen phone, raping Teruaki while mocking Nobuaki of their deaths.


Kenta Mizuki

Kenta and Mizuki die together.


Episode 7 2

Mizuki's other side

Episode notes

Character revelations

  • It is revealed that Natsuko is the twin sister of Chiemi Honda.
  • It is known that there are only 21 survivors left.