Wail (Karma/Tears)
Episode 5
japanese title 業泣
translation Gōkyū

Production information

Storyboard Noriyoshi Sasaki; Kenji Konuta
Production Noriyoshi Sasaki; Kenji Konuta
Opening Feed the Fire
Ending Lost Paradise
Broadcast information
Japanese broadcast Nov 2, 2017
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Wail (Karma/Tears) (業泣, Gōkyū) is the fifth episode of the Ousama Game series that is originally written and illustrated by Nobuaki Kanazawa as a light novel. The episode premiered on Nov 2, 2017.


Ria chastises Nobuaki for his lack of resolve to beat the game. Later, his classmate Yousuke begins doing research and finds useful information about the King's game, including the fact that each classmate got a one-character text from the King before their death, and the fact that the game was played 30 years ago in a village. Yousuke then shortly dies, amongst almost half the class who broke the latest rule to not to do anything 'unnecessary', which was crying, deduced by Nobuaki. While waiting for the train to the village, Nobuaki gets hit in the head, and wakes up in a room with his hands tied. Kaori accuses Nobuaki of being the King and killing Yousuke. Nobuaki explains the situation and tells Kaori that Yousuke likes her and that he told Nobuaki to protect Kaori if anything happened to him. Kaori cries and dies for breaking the rule.


Yousuke dies

Yousuke's death


Episode 5 1

The order from the King.

Episode notes

Character revelations

  • It is revealed that a one character text is sent to someone after they die.
  • It is known that 10 students have been eliminated.