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Breakthrough (Solutions/Hades)
Episode 4.png
japanese title 解冥
translation Kaimei

Production information

Storyboard Noriyoshi Sasaki; Kenji Konuta
Production Noriyoshi Sasaki; Kenji Konuta
Opening Feed the Fire
Ending Lost Paradise
Broadcast information
Japanese broadcast Oct 26, 2017
Episode chronology
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Breakthrough (Solutions/Hades) (解冥, Kaimei) is the fourth episode of the Ousama Game series that is originally written and illustrated by Nobuaki Kanazawa as a light novel. The episode premiered on Oct 26, 2017.


Nobuaki tells Kenta and Mizuki about a distant village where the King's game was originally played, and they start travelling to that village to get more information to be able to end the game. On the lengthy train ride, Nobuaki has another flashback where he deduced the King is someone in his class, and his classmate Nami, who had to give herself an order, takes that advice and orders herself to touch the King. It proved to be unsuccessful after she touched everyone in the class and nothing happened. That night, Nobuaki finds Nami to comfort her and they begin bonding. Nami then gets a punishment to go blind, and Nobuaki gets an order to lose something important. He tries to break all his possessions in his house, and even tried breaking up with Chiemi, but his attempts were futile. Finally, he completed his order when Nami decided to help Nobuaki by drowning herself. As Nobuaki sobs uncontrollably, Ria, a mysterious girl in his class, finds him and calls him stupid.


Nami and Nobuaki looking for the King.


Ria encountering Nobuaki at the bay.

Episode notes

Character revelations

  • It is revealed that the King's Game originated in Yonari Village.
  • It is known that 9 students have been eliminated.