Race (Evil/Run)
The King
japanese title 凶走
translation Kyōsō

Production information

Storyboard Noriyoshi Sasaki; Kenji Konuta
Production Noriyoshi Sasaki; Kenji Konuta
Opening Feed the Fire
Ending Lost Paradise
Broadcast information
Japanese broadcast Dec 7, 2017
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Race (Evil/Run) (凶走, Kyōsō) is the tenth episode of the Ousama Game series that is originally written and illustrated by Nobuaki Kanazawa as a light novel. The episode premiered on Dec 7, 2017.


The remaining 10 students are given an order to race to Mt. Nuegakubi, where every 8 hours the person farthest away gets punished. While Natsuko leaves everyone behind in the dust, Nobuaki repeatedly goes out of his way to help his classmates who are falling behind, despite them insisting multiple times that they don't need to be saved, insisting he could not bear to see anyone die anymore. His efforts winds him up amongst the students in last place, with Riona who lacks stamina and Masatoshi who got shoved down a flight of stairs by classmate Takuya. He also appears to have pushed himself to the limit as he begins to hallucinate. As they are running along the ocean, Masatoshi suddenly jumps in the water. Nobuaki follows to save him but fails to do so and Masatoshi drowns. Riona then warms him up and Nobuaki regains his resolve to continue. As the 8-hour mark is imminent, Nobuaki deliberately stops to tie his shoelace, just as a death punishment text gets sent.


Episode 10 1

Riona (left), Aimi (middle) and Nobuaki (right) in the race.


Episode 10 2

Nobuaki comes back for Riona

Episode notes

Character revelations

  • It is revealed that there are 9 survivors left.