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Chiemi Honda
Japanese 本多 智恵美
Translation Honda Chiemi
Character information
Other names Host of The Second King's Game
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Deceased
Relationships Natsuko Honda (twin sister)
Nobuaki Kanazawa (Former Boyfriend)
Kazunari Honda (Father)
Rie Takao (Mother)
School Tamaoka Prefectural High School
Background information
Chapter "Chapter 1"
Episode "Episode 1 (Hallucination)
Episode 2 (Physical Appearance, Flashback)"
Japanese Mao Ichimichi
English Alexis Tiption
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Chiemi Honda  (本多 智恵美, Honda Chiemi) was one of the main protagonists in the Ousama Game series. She was Nobuaki's late girlfriend at his old school. She is the twin sister of Natsuko Honda and the daughter of Kazunari Honda.


Chiemi has long, black hair in a high, loose ponytail with an orange scrunchie. She has blue eyes. She wears a white blouse, a red bow, a blue plaid skirt, and navy knee high socks. Her casual clothing is a green sweater with leggings.  


Chiemi was a sweet and caring girl who cared very much for her boyfriend, Nobuaki. She was always distressed at the thought of Nobuaki being in danger and would go to great lengths to save his life such as willfully stripping in front of everyone or offering to sacrifice her own life to save his.


Chiemi and Nastuko as babies being carried by their father.

Chiemi and Natsuko were born to their father and Rie Takao at the same time. However, Kazunari began to feel loathing towards Natsuko as her appearance and name were constant reminders of the painful events he went through during his own King's Game. His hatred eventually reached a point to where he slapped baby Natsuko across the face, unlike Natsuko, Chiemi would continue to be raised and being loved by her parents, as her and Natsuko were born during the time of the first King's Game, they became the hosts of the third King's Game and second King's Game. It was revealed in the third light novel that she is the twin sister of Natsuko.


King's Game: Origin arc

Chiemi makes a cameo appearance at the end of King's Game: Origin, 32 years after Kazunari's King's Game. She is preparing to leave for school when, all of a sudden, she receives a text from the King, containing the first order of her King's Game.

King's Game arc

Nobuaki confessing to Chiemi in his dream.

Chiemi first appeared in a dream that Nobuaki has in the beginning of the story as he confesses his love to her. The dream quickly turns into a nightmare, however, when he pulls a severed hand out of his pocket, scaring him awake.

She makes her first physical appearance at school when she overhears Nobuaki talking with Naoya about Satomi's F-cups soon after the first order is completed and irritatedly and sarcastically apologizes for the fact that hers aren't the same. Nobuaki tries to defend himself by jokingly pushing the blame onto Naoya, labeling him a pervert who likes huge breasts, but Chiemi is still irritated.

The next day, Hideki is given an order to lick fellow student Yuuko's foot. Chiemi, along with the rest of the class, watch in shock as Hideki actually completes the gross order. Afterwards, Chiemi consoles a crying Yuuko, who is still in shock over the incident. Chiemi voices her concerns to Nobuaki about the King's Game, who dismisses it, claiming that it will just naturally go away on it's own. At that moment, Yuuko receives a text on her phone and, upon seeing it, tosses it away on the ground. Upon looking at her phone, Nobuaki and Chiemi find an obedience confirmed message from the King, making them realize that whoever is playing this is probably serious about continuing.

After school, as the two of them are walking home together, Nobuaki invites Chiemi over to his house to spend the night. Chiemi quickly gets flustered over the idea of spending the night, however, Nobuaki quickly takes the decision out of her hands and decides for her that she's coming over. Arriving at his house, Chiemi is greeted by Nobuaki's mother, who says that she is welcome over anytime. Upon going upstairs, Chiemi and Nobuaki play video games together for a while before deciding to go to bed. Before sleeping, however, Nobuaki pounces on her as she is on the bed and the two of them seem to be about to have sex with each other. Before they can even kiss, however, Nobuaki receives a text on his phone from the King issuing the new order: Hideki must touch Satomi's breasts. Chiemi worries for Satomi, wondering if she will be okay, to which Nobuaki replies that Satomi's F-cups "give strength to everyone's hearts" and that there's "no way we'd let that shitty Hideki touch them!". Chiemi, completely turned off by his comment, irritably states that she is sleeping alone tonight. Nobuaki tries to convince her to pick up where they left off, but Chiemi dryly states that she doesn't have F-cups, to which Nobuaki replies that naturally, Chiemi's breasts "are the best of them all, of course!", much to Chiemi's further disgust.

The next day, when Chiemi and Nobuaki arrive at the classroom, Hideki is disappointed to see that it is they who have arrived and not Satomi, obviously excited for today's order. Chiemi worries for Satomi once again, but Nobuaki reassures her that everything will be fine. When the teacher arrives, however, he announces that Satomi is sick and will not be attending class (although everyone can already guess the real reason why).

That night, Chiemi, along with everyone else, receives the text on her phone stating that Hideki and Satomi failed their punishments and were to be punished with hanging. At that moment, they received the next order from the King stating that Daisuke and Misaki were to have sex with each other. She immediately calls Nobuaki and asks for his opinion on the matter, expressing her worries about it. Nobuaki replies that it's no big deal and that they shouldn't play into the King's hands by getting worked up.

The next day, in class, Chiemi notices and tells Nobuaki that Hideki and Satomi still haven't arrived in class. She also reveals that she called them immediately after hanging up with Nobuaki, but they never answered their phones. Later, when the teacher starts class, Chiemi, along with everyone else, is shocked and horrified to learn that Hideki and Satomi died last night, having been found hanging in their rooms. Later, after class, Misaki begins to panic as she wonders whether or not Hideki and Satomi's deaths had anything to do with the King's game, realizing that she could have a very real chance of dying if she doesn't obey the order. Chiemi attempts to comfort her, however, stating that something like that would never happen.

Chiemi cheering Nobuaki up

Later, Chiemi finds Nobuaki at his spot by the water bank, throwing rocks. When asked how she knew he was there, Chiemi responded that she knows that whenever he's in a sad or in a bad moon, he goes there, and tells him to cheer up. Nobuaki begins to voice his sadness over the two deaths, however, during his talk, both Nobuaki and Chiemi receive the obedience confirmed message from the King, revealing that Daisuke and Misaki went ahead with the order and had sex. Chiemi begins to worry about what they should do should she and him receive the same order as they did.

The next day, Chiemi, along with the rest of the students, witness Shouta pummeling Daisuke for having had sex with his girlfriend. Since the current order is for Shouta to give an order of his choice, Chiemi also witnesses as Shouta orders Daisuke to hang himself and die. In fear, the latter flees the room. Before Nobuaki can punch Shouta in retaliation, Chiemi is able to stop Nobuaki, telling him that checking on Daisuke is of bigger importance right now. Convinced by Chiemi's words, Nobuaki quickly leaves the classroom to trail Daisuke.

Later that night, Nobuaki and Naoya spent the night with Daisuke, during which they were apparently able to beat the order and save the latter's life by staying up to midnight. At midnight, Chiemi calls Nobuaki in order to check in on everything, to which Nobuaki reassures her that Daisuke is fine. Unfortunately, later that morning, Daisuke is found hanging from the ceiling, dead. In the classroom, Nobuaki punches Shouta for his hand in Daisuke's death and reveals his death to the class, Chiemi included. He also reveals the contents of the next order, which is for Naoya and Kana to have a popularity contest, with the loser being punished.

The trio discusses plans for the popularity contest

Chiemi, Nobuaki, and Naoya meet up after class in order to discuss strategy for the popularity contest with Cheimi and Nobuaki planning to persuade the girls and Naoya planning to persuade the boys. Chiemi mentions that she should definitely be able to get Kaori and Emi on her side thanks to the fact that she is particularly close with them. Naoya, however, voices his concerns over the idea of Kana being punished, should she lose the contest, stating that perhaps it is better if he lose and get punished instead. Chiemi and Nobuaki immediately shoot down his idea, however, stating that they would both be devastated if they lost him. Chiemi is finally able to convince Naoya to keep going by informing him that, if Kana were to be punished, then everyone would just do their best to protect her. Finally, the moment of the contest arrives. Chiemi, along with the rest of the class, watch the contest, which ends in Naoya's victory, winning with 15 votes to Kana's 14. She then witnesses, in horror, as Kana, going insane from the fear of being punished, jumps out of a nearby window and commits suicide.

Naoya calling Chiemi and Nobuaki a couple.

After Nobuaki is questioned later about Kana's death, Naoya brings him to Chiemi's house where she is cooking dinner, explaining that, although she doesn't look like it, she is very concerned for his emotional well-being and wants to know that he is alright. Naoya then reminds him that, above all else, he must protect Chiemi. After dinner, the three of them sit around on the couch and discuss things, with Naoya bringing up the fact that he could probably never get a girlfriend as great as Chiemi. Chiemi replies that Naoya is very gentle and that she is sure he will end up with somebody even better than her. 10 minutes before midnight, all present receive a text message from the King, who informs them that, since Kana is dead, she can no longer complete her given punishment of confessing to the person she likes. In her place, Naoya, the other subject of the previous order, will have to complete a punishment instead. Naoya's punishment order is that he must have sex within the next 10 minutes or he will be punished with immolation. Realizing that they don't have any time to waste, Nobuaki grabs Chiemi and Naoya and throws them into a nearby bedroom, begging Chiemi to help Naoya complete the order. Chiemi tearfully agrees to do this, however, Naoya adamently refuses, stating that he would rather die from the punishment than betray his two best friends. Realizing that this is going nowhere fast, Nobuaki breaks into the room and punches Naoya to unconsciousness. When Nobuaki leaves the bedroom, Chiemi strips and proceeds to have sex with an unconcious Naoya, thereby completing the order and saving his life. After the deed is done, Chiemi meets Nobuaki in the hallway and the two of them proceed to hug each other, with Nobuaki apologizing profusely for what he's made her do. The two of them reaffirm their love for each other, with Chiemi forcing Nobuaki to promise that he absolutely won't die before her.

The next day, everyone receives the new order from the King stating that, going by student number, all male students must draw 1-3 slips of paper marked 1-100, with the student drawing the 100th paper being punished with cardiac arrest. Everyone arrives in Nada Park that day and Chiemi, along with the rest of the girls, watch as the boys carry out the order. Eventually, the game comes down to Akira being left with the final 3 pieces of paper. Akira, wanting revenge against Nobuaki for his hand in Kana's death, threatens to take 2 papers, thereby leaving Nobuaki with the final one. Turning to Chiemi, Akira orders her to strip naked in order to save Nobuaki's life. To everyone's shock, Chiemi immediately begins to strip without hesitation, first removing her shirt. Nobuaki tries to get her to stop, but Chiemi refuses, not wanting him to die. Akira then orders Chiemi to strip completely naked and and say "I like Akira-sama the most." in order to save Nobuaki. Enraged, Nobuaki punches Akira hard across the face. When he threatens to definitely kill Nobuaki with the punishment, Nobuaki, along with Chiemi and Naoya, begin to beg for the former's life. This doesn't work, however, and Akira takes the 98th and 99th papers, leaving Nobuaki with the 100th. Chiemi, crying, begs Nobuaki not to die, reminding him of his promise not to die before her and asking what she'll do if he dies. The two of them share an apparent final embrace, with Nobuaki making Naoya promise to take care of Chiemi for him and to find out who the King is. At that moment, everyone receives a text from the King, revealing that Akira just drew the 100th paper and is now being punished with cardiac arrest. As he screams to Kana that she will never be lonely again, Chiemi watches as he dies.

Chiemi later appears during Nami's self given order to touch the King. When Ria declares herself to be the King and stating that the only way to end the game is to kill the King, she watches in shock and discomfort. Later, when it is Chiemi's turn to be touched, she asks if Nami if she is okay, concerned for her well-being.

Chiemi trying to comfort Nami after her plan had failed.

However, Nami snaps at her, exclaiming that she definitely has faith that the King is in the class and that, no matter the result, she will never regret it. She even states that it wouldn't be weird to her right now if it turned out that Chiemi herself was the King. When Nami touches Chiemi, Nobuaki receives a text on his phone. Believing it to be an obedience confirmed message, he timidly peeks...only to discover that it is a text from his mother to prepare dinner for himself tonight. Eventually, Nami touches every person in class and no obedience message is sent. Disheartened and frightened for her life, Nami tries to run out of the room, but Chiemi grabs her arm to stop her. Snapping at her to leave her alone, Nami throws her off and runs down the hall. Nobuaki checks on Chiemi, but she quickly tells him that she's fine and that he needs to go look for Nami right now.

Later the next day, after Nami disappears, Nobuaki finds out that the current order, meant for him, is for him to lose something precious. While searching desperately for Nami, she calls him and tells him that she learned from Akemi what the current order was, revealing her plan to lose her life in order to complete his order of losing something precious. Nobuaki tries to dissuade her, but she hangs up. In an attempt to keep her from going through with her suicidal plan, Nobuaki smashes everything in his room and, as a coup de grâce, calls Chiemi while racing to the beach, lying to her and telling her that he spent the last night kissing and having sex with Nami, claiming to have fallen in love with her and also claiming to have grown tired of Chiemi herself, telling her that their relationship is over and that they are now broken up. At that moment, Nobuaki receives the obedience confirmed message, having apparently completed the order. However, upon arriving at the beach, Nobuaki discovers that he is too late and Nami has already killed herself by plunging into the ocean, leaving behind a message in the sand reading "I love you, Nobuaki".

Later on, Chiemi, along with Naoya, see Nobuaki in front of the school, however, Chiemi doesn't say anything to him, still hung up on what he's said to her the day earlier. At that moment, Nobuaki, still shaken by Nami's death, tells both Chiemi and Naoya to stay away, claiming that anyone who gets involved with him will die. He then leaves to the rooftop to have a confrontation with Ria.

Sometime after this incident, Ria steals Chiemi's phone along with the phones of Kaori and Mami, leaving them a memo telling them to meet her near a bus stop that night, threatening to smash their phones if they tell anyone about the meeting. During this time, the unnecessary action order is put into place and students begin dying left and right, all the while, Nobuaki attempts to call Chiemi multiple times but, with her phone in Ria's possession, she is unable to answer. On his way to Chiemi's house, Nobuaki briefly stops at the bus stop where Ria and her group happened to be meeting, meeting a confused Chiemi while there. Nobuaki, relieved, gives his thanks that she is still alive and asks why she never answered her phone. After it's revealed that Ria stole her phone, along with Kaori's and Mami's, Nobuaki confronts Ria in private, during which time she reveals that she specifically ordered Chiemi, Kaori, and Mami's presence because she was able to narrow down the King's identity to one of those three, with Chiemi being the most likely suspect. Nobuaki immediately disagrees with her idea, however, refusing to believe that Chiemi is the King.

Chiemi informs Nobuaki about Ria stealing her phone

After he gets their phones back, Nobuaki returns the phones to their proper owners, but informs everyone about the current order and tells them not to look at their phones or messages for the time being, so that way they won't cry over the deaths and disobey the order. Upon handing back the phones, Mami immediately goes against Nobuaki's warning and checks her messages, only to find that Nobuaki has already deleted them. Enraged, she demands to know what Nobuaki and Ria were talking about, accusing him of plotting something with her. She then goes a step further, accusing Nobuaki himself of being the King. Mami goes on to claim that everyone believes Nobuaki to be the King, especially because of the fact that he was responsible for Kana's death, had a hand in Akira's death, and probably had a hand in Nami's death as well. Therefore, without a doubt, Nobuaki must be the King. Outraged at hearing these accusations, Chiemi slaps Mami across the face, exclaiming that she is wrong and that, this whole time, he has done nothing but work to find a way to save everyone and that it's been hard for him watching everyone he cares about die. In response, Mami slaps Chiemi back across the face and exclaims that she didn't hear anything like that about him, to which Chiemi responds that she shouldn't then, judge people she doesn't know before going on to state that, no matter what happened between him and Nami, she will always believe in Nobuaki. Nobuaki then steps in between their argument before it can get worse, reminding them of what happens if they cry. Chiemi argues that Mami shouldn't have accused him like that, but Nobuaki consoles her, saying that while he appreciates her support, he doesn't care about what the others have to say about him. Disgusted, Mami leaves while Nobuaki shouts his previous warning of not looking at the texts to her.

Later, Chiemi walks with Nobuaki and Kaori across a bridge, during which time, Kaori asks Nobuaki about Yousuke's current status. He lies to her and Chiemi, stating that he is just fine, but feeling a little ill (he does this in order to keep the two of them from crying over his death). He then informs both Chiemi and Kaori about everything he learned from Yousuke about Yonaki Village and about his plans to visit as soon as possible. Later, Kaori splits off from the group, leaving Nobuaki and Chiemi alone. Nobuaki properly thanks Chiemi for defending him from Mami's accusations earlier, stating that it is the first time he ever saw her so angry. He wonders if Chiemi would ever forgive him for dumping her earlier and wonders if she would understand that it was not because of Nami. As he drops her off at her house, Chiemi asks Nobuaki not to do anything reckless and to come back safely. As he leaves, Nobuaki thinks to himself about how he wants nothing more than to confess his feelings to her right now.

Much later, some time after Nobuaki leaves for Yonaki Village, Chiemi, along with the other remaining survivors, receive a punishment text, apparently from the King, stating that Nobuaki has been punished with cardiac arrest for disobeying the order. At some point afterwards, she, along with all the survivors, receive the newest order from the King, stating that one student must roll a die and that they must then name the same number of students as on the die with the students named and the student who rolled getting a punishment (already, Toshiyuki Abe and Chia are making possible plans to use Nobuaki's apparent death to their advantage to convince Chiemi to roll). They also get a text from Ria telling them to meet in the park near Sasakikubi Dam in order to discuss the current order.

Chiemi and her classmates waiting for the arrival of Ria and Nobuaki

Chiemi travels to the park with Naoya and, along the way, stumbles and breaks down crying over Nobuaki's supposed death. Eventually, everyone arrives at the park except for Ria and Masami (who is currently recovering the hospital after a suicide attempt.) While they are waiting, Toshiyuki gets impatient, causing for tensions to flare and he begins to have a verbal fight with Naoya. Chiemi, however, tries to maintain the peace by reminding them of Nobuaki's idea that the only way to win against the King is to trust in each other and work together. This fails, however, and Toshiyuki and Chia begin to engage in a physical fight, during which, Chiemi is forcefully shoved to the ground by a volatile Toshiyuki. At that moment, however, Ria arrives with, to everyone's shock, Nobuaki, who is revealed to be alive. Relieved to see him alive, Chiemi breaks down in tears as he hugs and comforts her. During this time, Ria reveals that she faked Nobuaki's punishment message.

Toshiyuki takes Chiemi hostage

Meanwhile, Toshiyuki, getting more volatile by the minute, commits more shady acts, punching out Naoya during an argument, and almost convincing the other Toshiyuki to roll the die. Minako, reveals that, at this point, no matter who rolled, Toshiyuki would almost certainly be the first one picked thanks to his actions. Going crazy from the paranoia and fear of dying, Toshiyuki attacks and restrains Chiemi, holding her hostage with a knife to her throat, threatening to kill her if anyone makes a move. Chia, however, makes fun of him, claiming that he is a coward who could never actually kill someone.

Toshiyuki stabs Chiemi on her leg

In response, as a show of force, Toshiyuki stabs Chiemi in the leg with his knife. Enraged, Nobuaki attempts to attack Toshiyuki, but he is able to hold the former at bay by holding the knife back to Chiemi's neck. Using Chiemi's life as leverage, Toshiyuki orders for either Nobuaki or Naoya to roll the die. At first, Nobuaki agrees to do it, but before he can grab the die from the other Toshiyuki, Naoya snatches it first. Wanting to save Chiemi and Nobuaki, Naoya rolls the die and ends up rolling a 6, the highest and worst possible number for this order. Now, Naoya has to make a decision on who he must choose. Keita suggests that he pick Masami first, due to the fact that she isn't here and that she tried to take her own life anyway. Naoya, however, responds that he needs to decide by himself, saying the former's name in the process. At that moment, Keita is punished by the King and killed with decapitation, causing for all present to realize that simply saying a name is enough to give punishment. Using Chiemi's life as a threat, Toshiyuki orders for Naoya to name Masami, Minako, and Chia, who are all named, punished, and killed. Toshiyuki then orders for Naoya to name Nobuaki, however, Chiemi begs for Naoya to name her instead. Meanwhile, Nobuaki begs Naoya to name him rather than Chiemi. Before he can make a decision, however, Toshiyuki is attacked and punched by the other Toshiyuki, causing him to drop Chiemi. Holding down the former, the other Toshiyuki orders Naoya to name them both before it is too late and put an end to this. Reluctantly, Naoya names both Toshiyukis. Immediately, the two of them are punished with exsanguination and killed. With the 6 students named and killed, it is now the roller, Naoya's turn to be punished.

Nobuaki and Chiemi watching their best friend die

At that moment, Naoya is punished by the King with dismemberment. As he is torn apart, Naoya professes his love for both Chiemi and Nobuaki, having faith that they will definitely be the ones to end the King. Eventually, Naoya's punishment finishes and Chiemi watches as he dies in Nobuaki's arms.

Soon after Naoya's death, Ria rummages through his pockets and recovers his cell phone, for the purpose of obtaining another single-character syllable. After pulling out her computer and getting to work, Ria reveals to Chiemi and Nobuaki the origin of the King's Game, revealing that the King is actually a virus that kills with hypnotic suggestion and that Chiemi's mother, Natsuko Honda, was a researcher for the virus. Eventually, when Chiemi was born, Natsuko put a stop to her research in order to protect her daughter and tried to destroy the virus, but was killed in the process. Ria then explains that the virus was then taken by other researchers who decided to use Chiemi's class as a test site, revealing that the origin of the virus likely came from Chiemi's own cell phone and spread to the rest of class from there, due to the fact that her phone has an unnaturally high data traffic.

Ria explains the information about the King to Nobuaki and Chiemi.

After telling her story, Ria puts into effect her plan to destroy the King's Game by using an antivirus she created in order to delete it from the network once and for all. Eventually, Ria's plan seems to work, however, immediately afterwards, she receives a message on her screen from the King, saying that she is being punished with immolation for breaking the rules. Realizing that she was lured into a trap, Ria, reluctantly, admits defeat and bursts into flames. As she burns, Ria explains more about the game, revealing that there can only be one winner of the game, one person to become the new King. She then climbs on top of a fence and expresses her feelings to Nobuaki and Chiemi, expressing that emotions never mattered to her before and the winning was the only thing that mattered. She then beseeches Nobuaki and Chiemi to fulfill her final wish: defeat the King. As she continues burning, Ria throws herself off of the fence and into the abyss below, much to Nobuaki's and Chiemi's sadness.

After Ria's death, a new order from the King appears on her laptop's screen, stating that, in the next five minutes, Nobuaki and Chiemi have to kill the person they love (each other), and will be punished with decapitation if they fail. Grabbing the knife that Toshiyuki previously used, Chiemi offers it to Nobuaki and begs him to kill her in order to complete the order. Nobuaki refuses, however, and instead comes up with a different plan. Remembering what Ria explained to them about the King killing with the power of suggestion, Nobuaki realizes that, if they believe hard enough, they will be able to survive the five minute countdown and not receive a punishment. Holding hands, Chiemi and Nobuaki start believing with all their might that they will survive and that nothing will happen. Eventually, the five minutes runs out and no punishment starts.

Chiemi dies to protect Nobuaki

Realizing that they've beaten the punishment, the two of them begin to celebrate, however, at that moment, Chiemi collapses. Upon looking, Nobuaki realizes that Chiemi's leg wound, previously inflicted by Toshiyuki, has gotten worse and she begins bleeding profusely. Dying from blood loss, Chiemi expresses that she wants to be with Nobuaki just a little bit longer and do lots of things with him. Nobuaki tries to say that they can still do lots of things together, but Chiemi just apologizes and tells him that she loves him. Afterwards, Chiemi bleeds out from her wound and dies.

As the only survivor and winner of the King's Game, Nobuaki is asked by the King what he wishes for with Nobuaki asking if it isn't obvious.

The final pages of the story show Nobuaki's memory from when he first confessed his love to Chiemi, which she accepted with little hesitation, before walking together with him under the cherry blossom trees.

King's Game: Extreme arc

Chiemi was shown when Nobuaki tried to save but she died by immolation, she was then shown at the end leading Nobuaki into a flower garden.


  • She was Student #24 in the class roster for Nobuaki's old class.
  • In King's Game: Origin, the information about Natsuko being Chiemi's mother was reconnected with Chiemi's mother being, instead, a woman named Rie Takao.